Different Learning Style Theories


Learning styles is a theory developed by David Kolb. According to Business Balls, Kolb published his theories in 1984 to the various styles people use to learn.

While there are multiple learning theories, Kolb’s theory of learning styles is the only theory that studies styles of learning rather than developmental stages of learning, behavior in learning or other factors. There are four basic styles of learning according to theory: sociological, visual, auditory or tactile.

Different Learning Style


Sociological Learning Style

Sociological learning style is the idea that some individuals learn best via group activities or studying with a group. Some individuals learn best when working in a group of peers and should be paired off as often as possible for the best learning environment.

These are students who learn best by watching social peers and thinking about the topic among peers.


Visual Learning Style

Visual learning style is the learning style which focuses on watching to learn. The individuals who have a visual learning style can learn best through visual stimulation like writing and images.

These learners are able to read something and understand and study best when reading a text and using highlighters as a visual stimulation for remembrance. These students can benefit from the use of diagrams, videos or similar visuals.


Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learning style is the style of learning through listening. Students who use this style can hear a lecture or participate in a discussion and then understand the information.

For individuals who are auditory learners, written works are often difficult to comprehend until they have heard the information aloud and are able to pick up tone, pitch and sounds.


Tactile Learning Style

Tactile learning style, which is also called kinesthetic learning, is the style of learning by doing something. These are the individuals who learn only after they touch something, put something together, take something apart or otherwise use their hands.

These are exploratory learners who need to move to best understand the world around them.



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