Crystal Gems & Their Uses


Crystal gems have been used for thousands of years and are valued for their beauty as ornaments in the home or as inclusion in jewelry. Practitioners of feng shui also value their contribution and place certain gems in the home for good fortune.

Ancient healers and today’s New Age enthusiasts use crystal gems as a way to improve physical and mental health and to ward off illness.

Crystal Gems



Agate has a long history of being incorporated in jewelry, dating back to biblical times. It wards off stress and fatigue and also protects against nightmares. Other attributes include the strengthening of gums and the soothing of stomach upsets.

Emotionally, its use is said to offer solace when feeling sad. Known as the “firestone,” it gives strength in adverse conditions and is used to help in making important decisions. Its feng shui usage is to bring health, fertility and harmonious family and good community relations.



Referred to as the “elevator,” the amethyst strengthens the immune system and cleans the blood. It also helps with hearing, arthritis, mental health problems and bones.

Amethyst is also effective for psychic awakening, bravery and creative expression. The feng shui direction for this gem is to promote spirituality and wisdom.



Emeralds are called the “unconditional love stone” and are valued as protectors of such virtues as love, compassion and patience.

The gem is beneficial for relationships and prosperity in addition to bodily ailments affecting the kidneys, liver, heart, immune system and nervous system. The feng shui system uses emeralds for personal growth and the acquiring of wealth.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, or the “night stone” because of its association with the nocturnal, was used by ancient civilizations. Healers have placed faith in it because of the frequency it emits from the blue color and the early civilizations valued it above gold.

The ancient Egyptians believed that lapis lazuli offered the dead protection in the afterlife and the Greeks thought that someone dreaming of the gem would find a faithful partner. The physical benefits include the strengthening of the immune system and the skeletal system, the ability to think clearly and the release of stress.

In feng shui, the advice is to have a crystal ball made of lapis lazuli in the home. Placing it in the study room or on a student’s desk will encourage learning and help with exams. The gem’s position in the home is also associated with romance.



A moonstone reflects the personality of its owner and gains energy from placing it in moonlight when the moon is almost full. Its association with Diana, goddess of the moon, means that it is most effective during a full moon.

It represents good luck, particularly for business, and gives protection to travelers on land or sea. It also reunites lovers who have parted. It is referred to as the Mother Earth stone and is good for feminine conditions, such as period pain, fertility and giving birth.

It brings emotional stability, reduces anxiety and aids clairvoyance. The gem also helps physical problems associated with the spleen, pancreas, lymphatic system and stomach.


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