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The Akita Inu is typically known just as an “Akita” although the breed is called the Hokkaido Ken and Great Japanese Dog, as well. This particular breed is large and powerful with a heavy boned and muscular build, and short muzzle. In addition to build, the Akita also carries itself with pride and confidence.

Although the Akita is a wonderful guard dog, the breed is also an amazing companion, being highly affectionate and faithful. While the Akita originated in Japan, it is now a popular breed around the world.

Dating back to around the 17th century, the Akita was originally used for dog fighting and big game hunting. Raised on the Island of Honshu, the Akita lived in fiercely cold weather conditions, which is why the thick coat. Sadly, the Akita was crossbred with various breeds to create the perfect fighting machine.

However, by1927, an Akita organization in Japan took serious steps to preserve the original breed, which was strong but gentle.

Almost a decade later, the Akita arrived in the United States with Helen Keller who had been in Japan. Although it took years for this breed to become popular, we now see many people enjoying its versatility.

In fact, the Akita became a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club in 1972.


Akita Inu Temperament

As mentioned, the Akita is a very sweet and loyal breed. In fact, this breed thrives on human companionship. In most cases, the Akita is good with children but when approached by strangers, it may be somewhat wary.

Additionally, the Akita will get along with other animals but he must be socialized and trained at an early age. Otherwise, you might find the breed showing aggressive tendencies, toward dogs in particular.

Sometimes, the Akita is still used for hunting although it is commonly a breed used for personal protection. Keep in mind that an Akita typically needs a fairly, firm hand in handling so it is not a breed for everyone. However, if you want a dog devoted to family and friends, one that would help protect your home and an excellent, lifetime companion, you might consider the Akita Inu.

Akita Inu Temperament


Akita Inu Size and Color

The Akita is a large breed dog. This breed has a thick, double coat. The undercoat is straight and harsh while the overcoat is softer and about two inches long. The design of the Akita’s coat came from its original cold winter environment, providing excellent insulation from both weather and water. As far as color, you will find the Akita bred with pinto, white, brindle, – literally almost every color.

Typically, the Akita averages between 24 to 28 inches tall from the withers, with the male being on the upper scale. For weight, most average between 75 and 110 pounds. The Akita has an imposing stance that can make it appear quite powerful. Falling within the “spitz” group of dogs, the breed’s build is strong and definitely muscular. Making the Akita appear even more menacing is its strong, brisk walk.

Akita Inu Size and Color


Akita Inu Feeding and Grooming Requirements

With the Akita having a double coat, it is important to keep him brushed daily. Remember, the undercoat is harsh and straight while the outer coat is soft, although still very thick. Like other dogs with a double coat, the Akita will shed, especially during warm weather, which is why brushing is so important.

Having been bred for exceptionally cold weather, the Akita does very well with both outdoor and cool climates. On the other hand, the breed is controllable, which is why many people will keep the dog inside. This versatility is just one of the benefits to owning an Akita. The only two drawbacks to indoor living are the shedding, and the messy drinking habits.

Then, one of the most important things is this breed does not only do poorly on table food but some things such as onions can actually be harmful. Therefore, a good diet of quality dog food is all that is needed.

Akita Inu Feeding and Grooming Requirements


Akita Inu Exercise Needs

The Akita also needs ample room to play. This breed tends to be relatively energetic, making it a great jogging partner. However, because of the brute strength, it is recommended proper training and handling.

The thing with an Akita is that if the dog is provided training and daily exercise, it will make an excellent house pet, being well mannered and actually calm. Providing the Akita with love, a good diet, and proper exercise means a wonderful pet for you, anywhere from 10 to 12 years.

Akita Inu Exercise Needs


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