Advantages and Disadvantages of Intimate Relationships


Intimacy is sometimes misconstrued to mean physical intimacy only. That is only a partial definition of intimacy, which, in essence, means a connection that encompasses much more.

You can have an intimate relationship with your spouse physically, but you can also have an intimate relationship with him on other levels. And you can know another person intimately without ever knowing them physically, including family and friends.

Generally intimacy is good, but that isn’t always true.

Intimate Relationships



One advantage of having an intimate relationship with family and friends is that they know you so well you don’t always have to tell them when something is wrong. They also know your character well enough to know if you are being accused of adverse conduct by others unfairly.

Intimacy advantages include another person anticipating a need before you make a request for help. Intimate relationships can be a port in the midst of a storm when life throws you a curve ball, such as a job loss or family member’s death.

Those who know us best know how to comfort us and inspire us to keep pushing forward in such times.



Sharing your deepest darkest secrets and dreams with another person can feel therapeutic when you finally find someone you trust enough to do it with. But a serious disadvantage to intimate relationships is the potential for hurt you can experience if your trust is betrayed.

Another disadvantage to intimacy is the likelihood someone will take you for granted. A generous person can be taken advantage of by those who know him best.

Intimate relationships can also be more conflict-filled, since people who are close enough to know each other well are also close enough to have different opinions and voice them more than they would with a stranger.



The advantages you experience in intimate relationships now may not be advantages later. A good example of this is the young single person still living at home. Before marriage it is advantageous that a woman’s mother and father play a strong role in her life and she has set family holiday routines.

After marriage, when a husband and wife need to develop their own holiday rituals and routines, intimacy with parents can result in conflict if they expect you to acquiesce to previous family holiday rituals.

Your mate’s family might have the same expectation, creating disadvantages of intimacy with both families.



Intimate relationships are not always equal. This imbalance can be a disadvantage that culminates in one person having more awareness and concern than they are shown by the other person.

For an advantageous relationship, seek a balance of concern and awareness between parties.


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