5 Things a New Commercial Truck Driver Will Need


Don’t need this but good to have.A pull in frig, food warmer and GPS.This helps make life a lot better on the road.

Five Things a new commercial truck driver will need.

New Commercial Truck Driver


1. A Map

It just a good thing to have a good map.Sometime you may have to change the way you plan to go.Due to weather condition or accident has happen on highway.


2. Flash Light

Flash light will be need for pre and post trip inspection.Most truck companies don’t give you a flash light.Some costumer don’t have light in there parking lots so you will need your own lights.


3. Food In Truck

You are not going to be in place where food is all the time.So have some kind of food that want spoil in truck.Maybe chips,cookies,peanut butter,water things like that.Don’t get stuck some where with out food and water.


4. Cell Phone

You will need a cell phone with a good plan.When I drove truck the cell made me lots of money.I paid my bill on the phone.Talked to dispatcher,shippers,costumer and family.


5. Truck Stop Book

This is very important so you can properly plan your fuel stop.Nothing is more scary than being out in the middle of nowhere and almost out of gas.Newbie Truck drivers give out of gas because they don’t know where the nearest truck stop.


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